Building Hope Together

Building Hope Together

Welcome Hope Ankeny!

From the moment I arrived at Hope I have been asked "when are we going to build a church in Ankeny?"

The truth is that over the last seven years God HAS built us into a church—a church without walls—and that will never change. But the reality is we have reached the point in our journey when not having a church building hinders our ability to carry out the mission God has given us.

God has taught us a great lesson over the last seven years - we are "better together." As each one of us discovers and puts into practice our God given gifts and abilities we discover this reality. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. And, the impossible, with God's help, becomes possible.

This fall we will be building hope together as God's power and God's people come together to build something eternal.

That's why we are embarking on this important, Christ-centered, Bible-based, pressure-free giving campaign.

We will build a sacred space where the people of this growing community can come together to experience the everlasting love of Jesus and then be sent to share it with the world around us!

Pastor Scott Rains

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