Weddings at Lutheran Church of Hope are a joyous celebration of God’s love – a time to worship our Lord as he joins together a couple in a life-long marriage as husband and wife.

Getting Started
If you are interested in scheduling a wedding at Hope, or inviting a Hope pastor to preside at your wedding, please email Wedding Director Heather Goeders, or call her at the church office: 515-222-1520 ext.123.

Due to the high volume of requests, we can only schedule weddings at Hope for those who are church members, or those who have made Hope their church home through regular attendance at worship or other ministry events.

Pre-Marriage Class
God established marriage as a life-long commitment. For this reason, and because we want to foster healthy marriages, all couples married at Hope, or by Hope pastors, are required to take a pre-marriage class.

Hope offers this pre-marriage class twice each year. To register for the next pre-marriage class at Hope, please click here.

Hope’s Same-Gender Wedding Policy
Without hesitation, Hope loves and welcomes all people. We are all – straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender – sinners in need of God’s grace. As a church, we stand against the oppression and bullying of LGBT people. We confess that, at times, self-righteous and legalistic Christians are the biggest oppressors of LGBT people, and such behavior is both outrageously unfaithful and a gross misrepresentation of Christ’s love. As a result of our grace-based approach to ministry, Hope is blessed to be the church home for a significant number of LGBT people in our community. Grace and love win.

At the same time, we reject the false assumption that love comes with the qualifier of full agreement with all behavioral choices. We believe that – according to Scripture, and in unity with nearly twenty centuries of Christian teaching – God established marriage as a holy union to be shared between one man and one woman.

While we recognize and respect the laws of our government that extend civil marriage privileges to same-gender couples, as a church we are bound to the laws of God, and therefore cannot in good conscience step outside those boundaries to host a same-gender wedding in our church building, or preside at a same-gender wedding offsite.

For a more thorough theological explanation of what Hope teaches about sexual boundaries, please click here.

More Info
For more detailed information about weddings at Hope, and policies and procedures, please click the following links:

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Contact Heather Goeders, Wedding Director at 515-222-1520 ext. 123 or