PowerLifePowerLife is an opportunity for junior high students (grades 6-8) to explore the Bible and confirm their faith in Jesus Christ. Each week during PowerLife we seek to help students discover who God has created them to be. We learn and practice spiritual disciplines while encouraging students to read Scripture and apply their faith to everyday life.

Our time together each week is divided into large group worship and small group breakouts. Each small group is led by at least one adult and is formed according to gender, grade level, school districts and friend requests.

PowerLife meets Wednesdays during the school year:
Grades 6 & 7: 6:30-7:45 pm
Grade 8: 7:15 -8:30 pm

Each PowerLife student is encouraged to attend weekend worship with their family. Worshiping as a family each week is essential to a student’s faith development. Also, our students are asked to complete 10 weekend worship note cards per semester. These can be found at the Welcome Center, and can be turned in after each service. Students will also be given the opportunity to learn and memorize six different scripture verses throughout the year, as well as serving opportunities with their small group (at least) once per semester.


Contact Info

Brent Rauch, Student Coordinator
Phone: 515-964-5586

Required Student PowerLife form
» Health Form
» 6th Grade: Oct. 21
» 7th Grade Boys: Nov. 18 & 19 at Hidden Acres
» 7th Grade Girls: Dec. 2 & 3 at Hidden Acres
» 8th Grade Boys: Feb 24 & 25 at Hidden Acres
» 8th Grade Girls: March 3 & 4 at Hidden Acres

» Worship Notes
» Memory Verse Phone Backgrounds