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Building Hope Together

Building Hope Together

Welcome Hope Des Moines!

Imagine a community … where the broken, the hurting, the complacent, even those burned out on church, could find compassion, healing and grace, and be transformed and sent out each week with a renewed passion to reach out to the city with the everlasting love of Jesus Christ.

That’s the vision that God has laid on our heart since Hope Des Moines began in June 2008. Thanks to an amazing giving campaign that began in November 2013, we’ve been able to see that vision come to life in a variety of ways. Through your prayers, financial gifts, time and talents, we were able to purchase and renovate our new church home that now celebrates its three-year anniversary. Over the past year, new ministries have been born, lives have been changed and our congregation has almost doubled in size. Praise God! Yet our work is far from done, and you are needed!

Pastor Jon Anenson


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Campaign Update

Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness! - Psalm 115:1

Dear Hope Des Moines Family,

During our giving campaign that began in November 2013 called “Building Hope Together,” many of you have given cheerfully to God's mission through this church. Your overwhelming generosity has made this vision of a church home in the heart of the city possible! However, God is now calling us to be good stewards of not only the facility, but our outstanding loan as well. Paying down this loan over the next several years will free up thousands of dollars in interest that we’d love to see be used for ministry and mission outside these walls, as well as clear up much needed space in our budget to make additional facility purchases, renovations, or additions in the near future due to our continued growth. Now we are asking all members to consider how God might want to use their time, talent or treasure to "Build Hope Together!"

In Christ's Love,

Jon Anenson, Campus Pastor
David and Laura McCord, Bill and Val Armstrong, Volunteer Campaign Directors