Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

Group Launch

This Invitational Life

Sept. 23 - Nov. 19

The community of Christ has a great tradition of invitation. Inviting others to faith requires leaning in to your own story, overcoming fear and stepping out. The Good News is for everyone, always. And you can help keep it going. Steve Carter casts a vision for non-threatening conversations pointing people to Christ. Only through risking it all will we discover what God is truly like.

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Hope Leadership Conference

Hope Leadership Conference at Hope WDM

Oct. 11-13

Strong Christian leaders are essential to the positive growth of communities, churches, organizations, communities… and the world! We invite you to join us for a conference where together we will help prepare church leaders to more effectively reach out to the world around us and share the everlasting love of Jesus Christ! Join us for the 2017 Hope Leadership Conference!

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Third-Grade Bible ClassThird-Grade Bible Class

Tuesday, Oct. 17, 6:00-7:30 pm

Parents will present new Bibles (provided by Hope) to their children during a brief ceremony, followed by a teaching time where children learn general biblical information such as how to look up Bible verses.

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