Lent 2017: Let’s Build More

Building churches. Growing the Kingdom.

This Lent, we are once again partnering with our mission partner GlobeServe Ministries to build churches in West Africa! With the help of Hope’s previous Lenten projects, there are 435 churches in all 10 regions of Ghana … and this year, we hope to expand God’s word beyond Ghana, to all of West Africa! Currently, more than 40,000 people are worshiping at the churches on a weekly basis that have been built as a part of GlobeServe Ministries – that’s 40,000 people who otherwise wouldn’t have known about Jesus and his never-ending love for each and every one of them. But, there’s still more to do! Our goal is to build 75 additional churches in West Africa – each church costs $4,000 to construct. It’s a big goal, but God is bigger … and we trust him and the vision he has for this project! Let’s Build More … together!


"...And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?"

Romans 10:14, NLT