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Things to do with myHOPElink:

  • Review what Hope has in our database about you. Please check it out and update anything that’s incorrect (look for the pencil icons to edit). See all the groups and activities you are in, and e-mail your group from the Web site to keep in touch.
  • Give online - either one time or do recurring payments. Also find your offering information, including a printable PDF of your tax statement when that becomes available. 

2017 Giving Statements

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If you don't have a log in, click on need a log in on that page.

  1. Highlight the Giving Tab.
  2. Click on My Giving History.
  3. Click on the blue "PDF Tax Statement" bar just below Total YTD Giving.

If you are not able to access your statement this way & would like one mailed to you, please email:

Chris Gunnare
Executive Minister - Operations
Lutheran Church of Hope
(515) 222-1520 x182

Tips and Tricks

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