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Our church has moved to a new kind of church record keeping solution called Realm, making it easier for our church family to connect with one other!  

There are three important things you should know about this update to Realm:

  1. We’re updating the tools our staff uses to run the daily operations of our church.
  2. We’re adding more ways to communicate and connect as a church, all while leaving current methods in place.
  3. You determine how much you want to make this part of your experience with our church, but we’re better together, so we encourage you to participate!

What is Realm?

Everyone in our church gets a unique profile. Your profile contains everything you want people in our church to know about you. Your profile also enables you to join a small group, register for classes and events, track giving and download giving statements, update contact information, change family details, and set notification preferences. By keeping your information current, you are helping our staff, group leaders, and our church community best communicate with you!

How do I create an account?

It’s quick and easy! Simply click the “Create Account” button found at the top of this page and enter your email address and unique password that you can easily remember. From there, you will be able to access your profile, connect with any groups you are a part of and much more!

Have a question about Realm?

Our admin team would be happy to answer any questions you have about Realm. Please call the church office during business hours, or email

2017 Giving Statements

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  1. Under the Community section, click on Giving.
  2. Click on the blue "2017 Contribution Statement" button on the right side of the page.

If you are not able to access your statement this way & would like one mailed to you, please contact:

Chris Gunnare
Executive Minister - Operations
Lutheran Church of Hope
(515) 222-1520 x182