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Hurts, Hang-ups & Habits

Hurts, Hang-ups & Habits

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery meets every Monday night, every week, 52 weeks a year, and provides a healing, healthy environment for adults affected by hurts, hang-ups, and habits.

The Landing (for teens)

The Landing works alongside Hope's Student Ministry team to provide a safe place for students in grades 7-12, who are experiencing difficult times. It is a safe place where students can live a freer, healthier and more God-centered life!

Celebration Place (for kids)

Celebration Place is a complementary resource to Celebrate Recovery that is available 52 weeks a year for children age 4 – grade 6. While adults explore topics that bring healing and wholeness, kids have the opportunity to discover the same truths in age-appropriate ways. Celebration Place is designed to inspire kids with hope, joy and happiness while they learn to rely on God.

Support Groups

There are a variety of support groups available throughout the year to provide encouragement, support, and emotional and spiritual healing. Please view the list below to find a group that works best for you.


Jen Segar, Care Minister, at 515-964-5586 or