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Youth & Family Staff Title
Emily Beltrame Minister & Team Leader, Children & Students
Amy Bossard Student Ministry Coordinator
Tiffiny Durham Youth & Family Coordinator
Kaitlyn Norgaard One Body Special Needs Ministry Coordinator
Christy Schmahl Children's Ministry Team Leader
Allie Paulson HopeKids Weekend Coordinator

Worship and Arts Staff Title
Sean Gabrielson Worship Leader
Alex Miller Production Coordinator
Andrew Breuner Production Coordinator
Kyle Rex Worship Leader
Jared Wells Production Team Leader
Scott Hedrick Production Video Coordinator

Operations Staff Title
Ben Hanson Facilities Coordinator
Kay Hanson Admin Team Leader
Nicole Brady Admin Coordinator
Lindsey Buzynski Admin and Worship Coordinator
Sue Rush Communications Team Leader
Hannah Strachan Hospitality Team Leader
Kevin Tracy Facilities Team Leader
Tyler Lentz Facilities Coordinator
Gabe Ploeger Facilities Coordinator
Tim McGrath The Cupboard Coordinator
Ariel Patton Preschool Director
Gerd Pauli Food Service Team Leader
Shawn Lengeman Food Services Coordinator
Sage Holm Cafe Coordinator
Kathy Pilch Nursery Coordinator
Aly Ramer Custodian/Grounds
Dan Madole Custodian