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Building 2 a Hope Beyond

Building 2 a Hope Beyond

In Fall 2018, Hope Ankeny kicked off a campaign to gather together, grow deeper in faith, and give a special offering through contributions and/or pledges towards a Phase 2 expansion of the Hope Ankeny building. We continue to be blessed by the monetary contributions and pledges that continue to come in. If you haven’t yet given towards Building 2 a Hope Beyond, it’s never too late! The original building campaign resources can be found below. Please contact the church at 515-964-5586 or email with any questions or want to learn more.

A letter from Pastor Scott

I love to fly!

Probably because when I was growing up my dad had his pilot’s license. We’d hop in the Piper 140 with five seats and a propeller and fly all over central Iowa.

When we are in an airplane as it takes off, immediately our perspective changes. Our vision is enlarged, you might even say transformed. I’m convinced this is a picture of faith. God is continuously at work, changing the way we see.

“You are seeing things merely from a human point of view, not from God’s.” Matthew 16:23

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Hope Ankeny has been taking off since we moved to 520 NW 36th Street in March of 2015. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Ankeny was the third fastest growing community in the country in 2018. For all kinds of reasons, people are moving to the Ankeny area, and many of them are finding their way to Hope!

The growth we’ve experienced in the last five years is really exciting. Over 1,300 children attended Vacation Bible School at Hope Ankeny in 2018 (an increase from 600 in 2013). The number of children in the nursery has almost quadrupled from 24 to 96. Additionally, more and more students are filling up the building on Wednesday nights for PowerLife (Grades 6-8) and Ignition (Grades 9-12). PowerLife registrations have grown from 97 to 307, and Ignition registrations have exploded from 29 to 226. Praise God!

God is on the move.  We’re on a mission.  We’re running out of room.  It’s time to build.

I hope you’ll follow the links on this page to see why and how we hope to build a two-level, approximately 21,000-square-feet Youth and Family addition that will enable Hope Ankeny to worship and grow deeper in our faith through classes and activities. We will have a sacred space for every season of life to connect with one another and our great and loving God.

As I look to the future of Hope Ankeny, I am confident God will continue to change our perspective, open our eyes and transform us into people who are able to see beyond the challenges, obstacles and (seemingly) hopeless realties of earth.

I’m confident we are Building 2 a Hope Beyond!

Pastor Scott Rains