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COVID-19 Update (as of 1/6/2021):

PowerLife is currently happening in-person and online for students in grades 6-8. Students will meet in the building under the guidelines listed below or via Zoom at the following times on Wednesday nights for large group worship (followed by small group breakouts):

Times (email for the Zoom link)

  • Grade 6 (6:00-7:00 pm) 
  • Grade 7 (6:45-7:45 pm)
  • Grade 8 (7:30-8:30 pm)

All groups meeting in person must follow the below health and safety guidelines:

  • Face masks are required upon entry into the building (covering both the mouth and nose).
  • Temperature scans are required for leaders prior to check-in.
  • Socially distanced seating will be maintained in the Worship Center and large group sessions have been reduced in length.
  • For small group sessions, pre-set seating (with proper spacing between chairs) have been arranged in each classroom.

We know this year of PowerLife will be unique. However, we are still committed to makingsure PowerLife is a fun, safe and welcoming environment where junior high students (grades 6-8) can explore the Bible, ask challenging questions, share their thoughts, meet new friends, and confirm their faith in Jesus Christ.

Our time together on Wednesday nights (whether joining in-person at the church or tuning in online via will include worship with a live band, a Bible reading, time for prayer, and a message focused on the challenges students face every day. Afterwards, students will have small group discussions and prayer time (both in-person or online) led by faithful volunteers. We encourage our students to put their faith into practice by learning the value of sharing their thoughts, praying together, reading the Bible, and serving others.

Each student (who selects the “at church” or “online” option) will be placed into a small group with their peers along with at least one adult. Groups are formed according to their grade level, gender, friend requests, and school district.

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