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40 Days of Renewal - Family Devotions: Day 37

40 Days of Renewal - Family Devotions: Day 37

Stephanie Mason posted in 40 Days of Renewal - Family Devotions on Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Today's Verse

Luke 20:9-19

Today's Devotion

Why would Jesus tell a story like this? Well, parables always have a lesson. Jesus was telling the church rulers and teachers that they were missing something, or someone rather. God is patient and gives us a lot of chances. God tried to help his people. He sent prophets to warn them, but a lot of people ignored and hurt the prophets. Finally, God sent his Son, and the church leaders still didn’t listen. They missed the most important message possible.

Jesus was predicting his own death by describing the killing of the vineyard owner’s son. He knew that he would have to die. But he also said that “the stone the builders rejected will become the cornerstone.” Jesus was explaining that by is own death, he would build the church. The church would no longer just be for people who always seemed to say or do the right things and follow the rules. The church would be built by other people, like the disciples and us!

Family Prayer

God, thank you for sending your son to save us. Thank you for giving us second chances, even when we keep making mistakes. Help us to show love to one another. Thank you for loving us so much. Amen!

Family Activity

As a family share examples of a time when you were given a second chance. Play one of your favorite board or card games and when someone loses or loses their turn, give them a second chance.