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40 Days of Renewal - Family Devotions: Day 38

40 Days of Renewal - Family Devotions: Day 38

Stephanie Mason posted in 40 Days of Renewal - Family Devotions on Thursday, April 1, 2021

Today's Verse

Mark 14:16-25

Today's Devotion

The Passover was a special time to remember when God set his people free from slavery in Egypt. Each year a lamb would be sacrificed, the Passover lamb. This lamb had to be perfect in every way possible. It symbolized God’s protection over his people from judgment. Jesus is showing the disciples that he will now become the Passover Lamb.

We continue to remember Jesus’ sacrifice through what we call communion. Communion is like the holidays we celebrate to remember something important. When we do this, we are remembering together how Jesus died so that we may have forgiveness of our sins and a relationship with God. It also reminds us that Christ is coming again to conquer all sin and give us enteral life in heaven!

In the Bible, the Passover meal was shared within the family. This was the last meal Jesus would ever have with his disciples. It was a very special time for him to be with the people he was closest to on earth; they were his family. The Lord’s Supper (communion) that we celebrate today is the same way. It reminds us that we are one family in God.

Family Prayer

God, thank you for giving us such a great tradition to remind us how much you love us. Help us to remember and celebrate every time we take communion. We love you! Amen.

Family Activity

As family, come to or watch online the Maundy Thursday service at 12:00 or 7:00 pm and hear more about what this tradition is all about.