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40 Days of Renewal - Daily Devotions: Day 39

40 Days of Renewal - Daily Devotions: Day 39

Pat Quaid posted in 40 Days of Renewal - Daily Devotions on Friday, April 2, 2021

Today's Verse

John 19:25-30

Today's Devotion

I hope those of you who have been watching or listening to the Pastor Mike Drop Podcast have had an incredible opportunity to see John’s literary brilliance in capturing Jesus’ ministry. For those who haven’t had the opportunity, I encourage you to go back to the archives and spend some time in this incredible Gospel and biblical teaching.

The reading for today, John 19:25-30, shares the dramatic scene of Jesus hanging on the cross with his earthly mother, an aunt, Mary Magdalene, and the Gospel writer, John, standing or kneeling at the site of the crucifixion. With Jesus’ words from the cross, he speaks to John and says, “Behold your mother!”

Those words spoken from Jesus were filled with concern and hope for Mary. In the historical context, women were seen as property. Without a husband or male family member surviving, women struggled to have income or the ability to own any property. Jesus’ words to John signify care, love, and safety to Jesus’ earthly mother. And Jesus’ charge to this beloved disciple, John, was making a new relationship. 

Jesus’ words, also, were a charge to the new understanding and role of the church in a time of a person’s great need or loss. By Jesus’ command to John, Jesus was encouraging those in the body of Christ to share concern, burdens, and care for one another in ways never experienced before this time putting persons, not related by blood, in community and action together. 

In this third statement, “Woman, behold your son. Son, behold your mother,” Jesus makes a new relationship. It’s not uncommon to encounter this phenomenon in both the Old and New Testament. God is always making things new.  

Questions for reflection:

  1. As you journey this week to Easter, what opportunities are you seeing?
  2. Is there a new relationship with someone needing to be formed? A new opportunity for career? A change of heart?
  3. Are you accepting that the Lord is real, alive, and pursuing you to give you a new future, hope?

Today's Prayer

Lord, we are challenged sometimes to see things from your perspective. We are reminded that you are not set in your ways. You use circumstances and events to have us turn back to you. You pursue us and place people in our lives who challenge us, love us for who we are, and you place strangers in our path that remind us of more needs unmet. Lord, help us to see opportunities in all things. Help us to be ambassadors of unconditional love. Help us to meet the needs of others in our community and around the world. We pray that you move boldly through the sacrificial giving to our friends in El Salvador through this year’s Lenten Project. We love you, Lord. We thank you for your son, Jesus, and his love demonstrated on the cross for us. Amen!