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Daily Devotion - Feb. 15

Daily Devotion - Feb. 15

Nick Brannen posted in Daily Devotions on Monday, February 15, 2021

Feb. 15, 2021 – Revelation 7:9-17

We all trust someone or something to lead us somewhere better than we are now. Even sheep follow their shepherd, trusting they will bring them to a place where they can fill their bellies on greener grass, quench their thirst in fresher streams, and rest behind the cool shade of a safer sheep’s gate. (See Psalm 23 and John 10.)

But do you know who your acting “shepherd” is really? If you’re a Christian, it is supposed to be Jesus. Yet, we tend to look to political and religious leaders, our employers, romantic partners, or a host of others to make our lives more fulfilled than they are now. Perhaps we follow a distraction like a great show, or that endless “scroll of death” on social media, or some substance that keeps leading us where we don’t want to go. Some of us trust only ourselves to get us to greener pasture. Can you name your acting “shepherd?”

To take it a bit further, is your “shepherd” leading you to better pasture or just some pasture? Or perhaps is this shepherd leading you to slaughter? Has your “shepherd” experienced the thirsts you feel in your life? Or does whatever you’re following merely promise better life only to deliver an endless cycle of becoming thirsty again and again and again.

Today, listen for the voice of the Good Shepherd, the one who is worshiped in heaven, who prepares a feast in the presence of our enemies. Trust the direction of the Lamb who was led to slaughter so you could escape. Follow after the one who knows how your body and soul hunger and thirst because he chose to take on human flesh and assume the position of a servant (Philippians 2). Trust Jesus to lead you today where no one else and nothing else could: a truly satisfied and abundant life.

Questions for reflection:

  1. What “shepherds” do you tend to follow other than Jesus? After naming who or what they are, rate each on how soul-satisfying and long-lasting they have been for you. Finally, name where they are ultimately taking you.
  2. What is one or two ways you can listen for the guiding voice of the Good Shepherd today? How could you hear and obey his direction?