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Daily Devotion - July 27

Daily Devotion - July 27

Caroline Boehnke-Becker posted in Daily Devotions on Monday, July 27, 2020

July 27, 2020 – Isaiah 25:6-10a

I love feasts! The abundant, delicious food; carefully chosen wine; special desserts; people gathered around the table; and the special occasion that prompted it all.

I love feasts so much, we celebrate more than the expected Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter feasts in our family. We also celebrate the Start-of-Term Feast for the first day of school (credit to J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series for the name) and an even more joyful End-of-Term Feast for the last day of school. We have birthday feasts, anniversary feasts and even we-haven’t-had-a-feast-in-a-while feasts. 

We revel in marking holidays, achievements and milestones with good food, great company and grateful hearts.

In our reading for today, the prophet Isaiah promises God will host the most wonderful banquet for all the people in the world. But God won’t leave it at great food and fine wine. Even more spectacularly, God will destroy death and wipe away all our tears! When God reigns over his kingdom, death will have no power! When God reigns over his kingdom, he himself will wipe away all our tears due to pain, sickness, suffering, disappointment, loneliness, rejection or any kind of loss that takes life away from us!

Isaiah is bursting to share God’s promise with his readers, just as John, the author of the book of Revelation, is anxious to share the same promise of God in Revelation 21:4. When a promise is repeated verbatim, you know you can count on it!

So, what tears do you need to have God dry today? Are you suffering because of the impacts of COVID-19 or fear of the unknown, worried about your finances, or concerned about family and friends? Are you lonely or disappointed with yourself or others or how life seems to be turning out? 

You’re invited to a feast – to share the beauty, power, tenderness and glory of God and his love for you! All you need to do is sit down at the table!

Question for reflection:

What tears do you need God to dry today? Make a list, then pray this simple prayer: Heavenly Father, you promised to wipe away my tears. Please increase my trust in your promises and heal these hurts today. Amen.