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Daily Devotion - June 7

Daily Devotion - June 7

Nick Brannen posted in Daily Devotions on Monday, June 7, 2021

June 7, 2021 – Proverbs 7

Have you ever given someone advice that you wish you’d followed when you were younger? In Proverbs 7, Solomon is giving his son advice and warning him about the consequences of sexual immorality. To illustrate this, he speaks of a young man he saw around town who was reduced to the foolishness of an ox going to be slaughtered. Of course, if his son knew his father’s history, Solomon had become the “ox” many times.

The message is clear, “fooling around” is not just foolish, it can wreck your life and the lives of those around you. And it’s not just sexual immorality! Foolishness in general, as seductive as it might be, as easy as it might seem to get away with it, as much as fate or the flesh might seem to be pointing you toward cheating, overspending, ignoring problems, or laziness, you still end up as an “ox” and soon you become an ox burger!

Wisdom protects you from becoming the ox. It is not that “immoral women” are ruining men everywhere. Many have misconstrued this passage to suggest that illogical conclusion! Wisdom protects us because it is foolish men and women who lack the boundaries, foresight, and self-control necessary to make a wise choice in a world full of foolish options.

Here is the good news. Jesus doesn’t love us and save us because we have never “fooled around.” In fact, that is why Jesus showed up! Jesus, the only one who is truly wise and good, has come to save us from our own foolish choices. While we might have worldly consequences for our choices, we are no longer defined by them and from this day forward we can walk in his wisdom and love. Our foolishness will never be bigger than his redeeming love.

Questions for reflection:

  1. What is a foolish choice before you this week that is tempting but will ultimately hurt you? How can you stay far from the “house” of this temptation?
  2. Take a moment to bring your foolish temptations to Jesus in prayer. Ask him for what you need to make a wise choice. Do you need insight? Self-control? Boundaries?