Hope Grimes E-News (Jan. 11, 2019)

Hope Grimes E-News (Jan. 11, 2019)

Eric Voelker posted in Hope Grimes E-News on Friday, January 11, 2019

Good Afternoon Hope,
Where is the snow? I know many of you don’t even want to know where the snow is, you are just glad it’s not here. But for the minority of us winter people it really throws off some regular rhythms. The good thing is that we are hopefully just another moment or two away from the winter wonderland!
And speaking of changing rhythms:

  • Prayer - More than 100 people are taking The Prayer Course on Tuesday evenings (still room to join us 7:00 pm next Tuesday!). God is definitely changing a rhythm in our congregation as this many of us gather to humble ourselves in God’s presence and learn to live intimately with him, one another, and the world around us through prayer.
  • Parking - We added an additional 45 parking spots in December and God filled them all with new people coming to weekend worship. (Praise God for his generosity and kindness.)
  • New Member Class - Last weekend we mixed up the rhythm of our New Member Class and offered it at our campus. We had an unprecedented turnout of people learning and exploring what it means to be a member of Lutheran Church of Hope. This weekend we will welcome our largest group ever of new members.
  • Baptism - This weekend at worship the waters of baptism will be open for all who want to be baptized. I also want to encourage all who are baptized and feeling led to come forward to reaffirm their baptisms. Because God promises to meet us all in the waters of baptism, it will be a magnificent weekend at worship.

It’s good to let the rhythm of God’s new song change things up for us.
See you at weekend worship.
Keep listening,
Pastor Eric

P.S. Find your rhythm at Hope - the website is filled with all sorts of ways you can Worship, Connect, Grow, and Serve as a follower of Jesus. Find your rhythm today.

P.P.S. A very familiar and beautiful rhythm around Hope that God continues to provide is an abundance of children for us to care for, love, and lead. If you would like to be part of this great group of people, please contact our coordinators - Amy Lambert, Nursery; Katelyn Jolivette, HopeKids; or Tiffany Quaas, Hospitality.