Hope Grimes E-News March 15, 2019)

Hope Grimes E-News March 15, 2019)

Eric Voelker posted in Hope Grimes E-News on Friday, March 15, 2019

Good Morning Hope,
Where did the snow go? It stormed into our lives over the past couple months and now it’s gone.
Things change. They really do. They really do.
In our second week of Lent I hope you have been noticing the redemptive changes of God in your life or in the lives of people you know and love, or even in your neighbors. One of my prayer focuses this season is for you…

Almighty and gracious God,
In your great love and power to redeem everything for your glory.
Into the lives of people
The hearts of people
The souls of people
The unredeemables of people
Jesus to people.

I know it’s a short prayer but I am praying it every day this season for you. Feel free to join me in praying it for yourself and others. I believe you will find it a blessing to your life.
Lent is really just that - recognizing the unredeemables and then bringing those things to God and asking him and trusting him to redeem them. Ultimately, the unredeemable is us. At Easter we will celebrate the ultimate redemption of humanity made possible because of God’s amazing gift of Jesus Christ.
I hope you are enjoying this Lenten life.
Pastor Eric
Other calls to action…

  1. Hope Lives Here Lent project is up and running! Here is how you can participate!
  2. With a continuing rise in families with kids coming to our church we have a growing need for nursery attendants. Email Tiffany.Quaas@hopegrimes.org if interested in helping.
  3. "How to Neighbor" Life Groups are up and running – here is the four-video session link for you to start a group, watch, and discuss
  4. 40 Days of Devotions – these are here for you every day in Lent!
  5. PowerLife final schedule (our junior high confirmation ministry)
    March 20 – Takes a break for Spring Break
    March 27, April 3 – regular programming
    April 10 – Baptism teaching and baptisms
    April 17 – Final celebration
    April 24 – Faith Statement Night for groups 8A, 8B, 8D
    May 1 – Faith Statement Night for groups 8C, 8E
    May 5 – Confirmation: 9:15 am service for groups 8A, 8B, 8D; 11:00 am service for groups 8C, 8E