Hope Grimes E-News May 17, 2019)

Hope Grimes E-News May 17, 2019)

Eric Voelker posted in Hope Grimes E-News on Friday, May 17, 2019

Good Morning Hope!
When it rains, it pours. Life has a way of helping us realize that God is infinitely greater than the day to day of our lives. God’s faithful promise is with us.

I will send victory from the sky like rain;
    the earth will open to receive it
    and will blossom with freedom and justice.
I, the Lord, will make this happen.”
Isaiah 45:8

This weekend at Hope our message will focus on the challenges of walking in the hard difficulties of life as people who live in and trust in the victory God has given us in Jesus. If you, your family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers are in a place of needing the skies to open with God's victory, you will want to hear the Good News at worship this weekend.
There are great ways to proclaim this Good News this summer…
VBS registration is open and this year promises to have a record number of kids and volunteers celebrating all week long, July 15-19. If you haven’t registered your kids yet, please click here to get them signed up with discounted early bird registration. Oh, and if you volunteer to help at VBS you get a really cool VBS shirt!
Summer parades are a fun way for individuals, small groups, and families to be in the community and invite people to church and to VBS! Sign up to ride on the Hope float or walk in the parade, smile, and hand out VBS postcards (and have fun listening to VBS music!)

Kick it up this summer. Start this weekend at church. Set the stage for those around you to engage their faith this summer.
Live in the promises and the freedoms of Jesus.
Pastor Eric