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Find Your Community

Find Your Community

A 5-week opportunity, Oct. 17 – Nov. 21, to get in a group, and worship and study together!

The ongoing pandemic has had a profound impact on the mental, spiritual and emotional health of so many of us. Being isolated, distanced from the ones and things we love, and unable to be in community with others in the ways we want has taken its toll. That's why, this fall, Hope is launching “Find Your Community!” An opportunity for all of us to purposefully create communities where we can grow, pray and experience life with one another. Get registered today! Here’s a rundown of how to get plugged in:

Step 1

We are challenging everyone to get plugged into a small group! If you’re already in one, great! If not, we have a few suggestions on how to get started:

  • Picture your “quaranteam” … a group of people you’ve already committed to being around, even as you quarantine from other aspects of life. See if they’d want to start a group!
  • Consider creating a virtual small group. If the idea of getting together with a group in person makes you a little uneasy, no worries, you can still form a group! Reach out to a few friends and see if they’d be interested in joining a virtual group!

Step 2: Worship Together

Worship is a great thing to do together with your group! Whether it’s online or in person there are lots of options:

  • Attend one of our campus’ worship services together in person.
  • Host a “Hope Watch Party” at your house and invite your group to worship together in your living room via! We even have fun FREE yard signs you can grab from your Hope campus as a way to designate your official watch party location. 

Step 3

We are encouraging groups to read and study together Everybody Always by Bob Goff. Everybody Always reveals the lessons Bob learned – often the hard way – about what it means to love without inhibition, insecurity or restriction.

  • The book can be purchased for just $9 at Café Hope in West Des Moines (shipping also available for an additional $3.50).
  • A “Find Your Community” Study Guide, Prayer & Worship Journal is also available for FREE, with pick up at your campus’ Connect, Grow, Serve areas. It can also be downloaded and printed at home right here on our website. This is a great resource for your group as you meet, and for you personally to grow in prayer and worship during these next five weeks!
  • Within the study guide, the book is broken into five different weeks… making it easy for your group to follow along!
  • Five weekly teaching videos by Hope pastors are available on our website.

Printable Group Study

Weekly Teaching Videos