Building Hope

Building Hope

Welcome Hope Grimes!

There is nothing even close that compares to being part of the community of God. It’s a reality filled with hope and joy. It’s a reality that is filled with forgiveness and love. It’s a reality filled with comfort and an everlasting relationship with our creator and sustainer. And it’s a reality filled with people who matter to God and so they matter to us.

Can you see it? We are being built by Jesus into a heavenward community that is and will be known by the way we love each other and by the way we love the world around us.

Excitement is rising as the vision to build a place to call home is now on the horizon. Imagine having a permanent place to call home, a place to invite others into, a place to teach people about the relevant Good News of Jesus Christ, a place that cares for the world around us, and a place where all are welcome.

So get ready to experience and to share what promises to be our most transformational experience yet as a church. The vision before us in our Building Hope campaign is as exciting as it will be challenging - and I can’t wait to begin this next stage in our journey together as a church.

Building Hope in Jesus’ name,

Pastor Eric and Cheryl Voelker

From the Campaign Directors

Dear Hope Grimes Family,

We are thrilled to join together with each of you in this very exciting time for our congregation. The enthusiasm and anticipation is growing every day as we dream about the future of our church.

All of the volunteers you see each week are working as a team, all for the same goal - to worship God and show him to the world.  God has given us the opportunity to make a difference in the world around us, and now it’s time to magnify our faith.  Our new church building will give us the chance to welcome all and grow God’s kingdom, exactly as we are called.

“Welcome to Hope, we’re so glad you’re here!”  We are so excited to utter those words as we welcome new visitors, members, kids, and all who need Jesus to our new church building.  Thank you for being the church, being part of this season with us, and making a difference in Building Hope.

Forever in Christ,

Doug and Kelly Johnson, Aaron and Jodi Pieper, Campaign Directors 


Building 2

Cheerful Giving

Building Hope Goals:
- Victory Goal: $3,000,000 pledged
- Miracle Goal: $5,000,000 pledged
- Dream Goal: $7,750,000 pledged