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Summer HopeKids

Summer HopeKids

Summer HopeKids

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Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean it slows down around Hope! Summer HopeKids is our weekend worship program during the summer months for children age 3 (by Sept. 15 and potty-trained) through grade 5. At Summer HopeKids, children will worship, participate in Bible lessons, activities, and crafts, all in an energetic, large-group format.

Please note: children who have turned three since last September will be invited to begin HopeKids in the fall, and are invited to attend Pre-HopeKids in the meantime.

We ask that all parents of children attending Summer HopeKids please volunteer a few times throughout the summer. This allows school year HopeKids volunteers to take a well deserved summer break. You can sign up by emailing us, or there are volunteer sheets located within your child’s classroom.