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Building 2 a Hope Beyond

Building 2 a Hope Beyond

A Letter from the Pastors

Growing up, as most young boys do, I (Jon) loved using my imagination. I would dream up epic battles in the basement, hitting a home run in the World Series in our backyard, or play guitar as a rock star on the “stage” that was our living room couch. When we’re young, it’s easy to dream, it seems to come naturally, the opportunities before us seem unending, and nothing seems impossible.

I believe that God is now calling us to dream again. Not about childhood ambitions, but what it looks like for each of us to be a part of a mission that’s bigger than ourselves, to make an impact that will last for generations to come - to dream about what He wants to do through us as a church.

As we look back on all that God has done thus far through Hope+Elim, we know that God has accomplished things beyond what we could have ever asked or imagined! Marriages restored. Sickness healed. The chains of addiction broken. Those far from God finding faith and community. Hundreds baptized into new life in Christ. Children, students, and adults growing in discipleship. Missionaries sent around the world. Hearts transformed. But the amazing thing is, we believe God’s just getting started!

That’s why the campaign that God has led us through these past few years is named “Building 2 a Hope Beyond.” Not only has God done more than we could imagine already, but as Paul writes in Ephesians 3:20: “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think…”

Yet God’s not done yet. In fact, he’s just getting started with this beautiful new community called Hope+Elim, and there are still thousands of lives just waiting to be transformed through his church. We have a God who is able to do far more beyond what we could ever dream.

Jesus is changing lives through the ministry of Hope+Elim, and you’re invited to join the mission through your time, talent, and treasure. The official end of a three-year campaign called “Building to a Hope Beyond” for the original purchase and remodel of our facility is December 2021, but the need continues to pay down our debt and free up more funds for outreach.

Why give now?
Paying off our debt frees up money for Kingdom impact (such as continued renovation for ministry and even greater outreach to our city) that would otherwise go to the bank for interest payments.

Because God has blessed us all differently, we’re asking you to consider how you might give toward the vision God’s given to Hope+Elim through your time, your talents, and your treasure above and beyond your regular general fund tithing.

We want you to know there’s no other group we’d rather be on this adventure with than all of you! Because you’ve always been a church that’s put God’s mission ahead of comfort, convenience, preference or opinion. You also know the church is not defined by a building, but the mission of its people. Because church is God’s idea, not ours, and you’re invited to be a part of it!

Hope+Elim—it’s time to dream together!

Pastor Jon and Pastor Hurst

Cheerful Giving

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