Mission Guatemala

Mission Guatemala


What is Mission Guatemala? 
Mission Guatemala is an exploratory trip where we will be building relationships and partnerships from the ground floor. Team members will join ENLACE, a nonprofit Christian organization, as they expand their work and God’s kingdom in Guatemala. ENLACE’s mission is “equipping churches to transform communities.” ENLACE commits to a 10-year relationship with partner churches, supporting them to become effective agents of change in their local community.

What do we do?
The main goal of this trip is encouragement, fellowship and learning. Trip participants will visit local churches and spend time with pastors who are working to transform their communities. Team members will worship, pray and learn from locals. Participants may also engage in community projects (guided by local pastors) depending on availability and need. The goal of this trip is for participants to leave those we meet feeling empowered, encouraged and supported for their Kingdom-building work. 

How do we get there?
The team will fly from Des Moines into San Salvador, El Salvador, where the team will be met by ENLACE representatives. The team will visit a local community in El Salvador before driving across the border into Guatemala, where the team will stay for the remainder of the trip.  

2019 Trip Dates
» March 30 - April 4 (registration closes Jan. 6, 2019)

Who can go?
Anyone who has a heart for Jesus and is age 18 or older.

This trip is recommended for those who are looking to be leaders of transformation in their own communities, are learners and encouragers, and those who value being relational.

Where do we stay?
Team members will stay in modest hotel accommodations.

What travel documents do I need?
A current U.S. passport that is valid six months post travel dates is required. Click here for more information on acquiring a passport.

What immunizations do I need?
There are no required vaccinations for entry into Guatemala. However, please consult a physician on recommended vaccinations for you individually. For more information on recommended vaccinations, click here.

What is the cost*?
The trip total is $1,700. This cost includes airfare, lodging, meals and ground transportation.

Passport and vaccination fees are additional.

Please note that two months before departure, at least 50 percent of the trip total must be paid. One month prior to departure, trip total must be paid in full. 

* Cost subject to change based on airfare fluctuation

How do I sign up?
Email us at missions@hopewdm.org for next steps and registration info. 

Please note: Background checks will be conducted by Hope on all mission trip applicants age 18 and older. This is to ensure the safety and protection of all mission team members and the people we serve.

How do I get more information?
Contact Tamara, missions coordinator, at 515-422-9138 or tamara.satren@hopewdm.org.



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