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Welcome to Hope Waukee Preschool

At this preschool children are engaged in active, joyful learning surrounded by teachers and friends whose countless smiles and endless hugs are treasured. It is a place where children learn about Jesus and his never-ending love for each of us, and experience the rewards of making a friend, and the joy of being one!


We know that learning is everywhere: in the flicker of a firefly, in the creeping of a quiet spider, in the warmth of a hug. God has blessed children with the joyous gift of learning and we celebrate that gift here at Hope Waukee Preschool!

Our goal is to provide a Christian atmosphere of warmth, understanding, and caring: a place for your child to be that special, unique person that God so lovingly created, and a place where learning is fun as well as meaningful. A place where children can learn how to make a friend, and how to be one!

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Kids CampHope Preschool Summer Camps

Hope Waukee Preschool offers themed summer camps for children ages 3-5. Families can sign up for one, two, three or all four weeks! Cost is $85/week.

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