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PowerLife FAQ

PowerLife FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time does PowerLife begin and end each week?
A: 6th Grade (6:00-7:15 pm), 7th Grade (6:45-8:00 pm), 8th Grade (7:30-9:00 pm). Start times are the same for all three registration options (at church, online, or at home)

Q: Once I register, can my family switch to a different option?   
A: Families will be allowed to switch to the “online” or “at home” option at any point during the school year regardless of what option you previously registered for. However, if a family would like to switch to the “at church” option at any point during the year, they will need to get approval from Hope staff to make sure we have enough space (room in the building and leaders for the group) to do so safely.

Q: If attending in-person, where should I drop off my student before PowerLife begins?
A: Students can be dropped off in the circle drive off of Dartmoor Drive no more than 10 minutes before service begins.

Q: What safety precautions are in place for those attending in person?
A: We have implemented the following safety measures: mandating masks to be worn by all, ensuring social distancing in all spaces, scheduling our programming to ensure we don’t have gathering before or after scheduled times, asking all students and others to prescreen and join the service online if they have any symptoms or recent exposure to a positive case, screening all volunteers and staff, and increased cleaning procedures.

Q: If attending in-person, where should I pick up my student after PowerLife ends?
A: Students can be picked up on the opposite side of where they were dropped off, the Westgate Drive entrance. Please park so your child can come to you. Students will be dismissed from their classrooms five minutes early and will be directed to the nearest exit. We are encouraging students NOT to “hang out” in the building after dismissal. Parents/guardians should make plans in advance for when and where to meet after dismissal. Please remain in your vehicles until students exit.

Q: Will face masks be required?
A: Yes, everyone who enters the building at Hope will be required to wear a mask. If a family is unable to provide a face mask or if a student forgets their face mask at home, one will be provided to them as they enter the building.

Q: How will students practice social distancing?
A: Students will be spaced out in the worship center, dismissed to classrooms by group and given clear instructions on how to travel the hallways. Once in their classroom, students will be spaced as far apart as possible. Chairs will be set up in advance, each spaced six feet apart. Maximum capacity has been reset in each room to reflect our current social distancing guidelines. 

Q: How will students be placed into small groups? With their friends? All from the same school?
A: Students will first be grouped by the registration option they selected of online or at church. Then, group placement will happen according to their friend request, then by which school they attend.  

Q: Can I stay in the same group I was in last year?
A: Potentially. We want to be sure each student (and leader) has the best experience possible. For all returning students, groups will be determined by the registration selection of online or at church. We believe each family deserves to make the selection that works best for their student. If other students from your previous group select the same option (online or at church), we will do our best to keep you together. Many groups will look different this year but hopefully will be filled with familiar friends and leaders.

Q: Can I switch into a different small group during the year?
A: Possibly. Our goal is to keep transitions between various groups to a minimum this year to help reduce the exposure of students to multiple groups. However, depending on the circumstances we can work with individual families and group leaders to make appropriate transitions when necessary.

Q: Will parents be allowed to be onsite during Wednesday night programming?
A: Our current plan is to limit the number of “non-student” visitors in the building. If an adult visitor (who is not volunteering) needs to be in the building, we would ask them to wear a mask and remain seated in a designated area while in the building.

Q: Will students who select “online” or “at home” still be given Bibles and PowerLife booklets?
A: Yes. We will make a plan to get resources and materials to all families who register for PowerLife.

Q: Will PowerLife students go on weekend retreats like they have in the past?
A: We know how much students love the weekend retreats and how transformative they can be for group bonding and faith-filled conversations. However, at this time, no retreats are currently scheduled for the upcoming school year. Due to the logistics of transportation and lodging for such a large number of students, we are currently looking into alternative plans. We will closely monitor the latest guidelines from state and local health officials as we make further decisions.

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