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One-2-One Volunteer

One-2-One Volunteer

Dear Potential One-2-One Care Giver,

Thank you for your interest in being a One-2-One Care Giver. Below, please find a One-2-One Care Giver forms for you to complete. Please know that there a few things we do ask that all One-2-One Care Givers complete/be comfortable with prior to serving in this role:

  • Completion of the 10-week Alpha Course (including the Holy Spirit Retreat)
  • Be comfortable praying out loud with your care receiver. If you would like to grow in this area, please consider taking School for Listening Prayer.
  • Completion of Hope One-2-One Care Giver training

Once this has been submitted, I will be in touch with you soon to find a time for us to meet and get acquainted. Thank you for your caring heart and time you are willing to commit to walk alongside those who are hurting. 

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Darcy Howell
Care Coordinator
515-222-1520 Ext. 188