West Des Moines
Young Adults

Young Adults


New to the Des Moines area? Grew up here but looking for something more in your life?

REVIVE is a community of young adults (ages 18-30s) who seek to make a difference and who know that true impact starts with God’s transformative love in each of our lives. Rather than shying away from the difficulties of life that interrupt our connection with God and others, we know that opening those spaces to God’s love leads to radical transformation and true impact.

You’re invited to REVIVE, a service on Thursday nights at 7:00 pm at Hope West Des Moines (also Tuesday nights at Hope Des Moines). Come for Spirit-led worship, a friendly hello and a message specific to young adult life.

Beyond worship, engage with REVIVE through small groups, classes, social events, service projects and more. See all upcoming happenings below! (And stalk us on social media. Go ahead. We know you want to!)


  • Do I need to register before I come? Nope, just come!
  • Where do I find the Chapel? You’re in luck – the Chapel has an exterior entrance. Look for the “Chapel” entrance on the southwest side of the building.
  • Is there a dress code? Clothes, please.
  • I have a kid! Is childcare available? Yes, in the nursery until 8:30 pm. Come a little early to get your child(ren) registered!
  • Will I be asked to say anything or acknowledge that I’m new? Nope! We know it can be stressful to walk into a church or service for the first time. We have a great greeting team and a welcome gift for you if you’d like to stop at a table in the back on your way in or out – or you can skip it altogether!