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Hope Circle


The Hope Circle serves as a "template" to describe the faith journey that many people travel at Hope, and is based on Jesus’ teaching in Mark 4:20. Even the most mature Christians continue to move around this circle again and again, so it’s important to realize that none of us ever “graduate” from needing to hear God's Word proclaimed on a regular basis. As we grow in faith, we continue to live as "seekers" and "believers," not just "followers" and "servant leaders."

God is at work moving us to say “yes” to him.

Seekers are those who:

  • Have questions about faith and its relevancy.
  • May have attended church before but haven't attended in a long time.
  • Are interested in learning more and why faith in Jesus matters.

God is at work revealing our true selves and calling.

Believers have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, and are:

  • Learning to pray and make it a part of their daily lives.
  • Making weekly worship a habit.
  • Learning more about what the Bible says and how to live it out.
  • Are interested in joining a life group.
  • Volunteer occasionally.
  • Are learning about giving (both of their time and financial resources).

God is at work shaping us in the image of Christ and helping us live out our calling.

Followers strive to live with Jesus as the Lord of their life, and:

  • Have a daily quiet time with God that includes prayer, Bible reading, and/or private worship.
  • Attend weekend worship because they want to. They come to worship because Jesus is there, not to evaluate the worship experience or the sermon.
  • Often attend additional opportunities for growth.
  • Attend classes regularly to grow in their understanding of God.
  • Have joined a life group.
  • Have discovered their spiritual gifts and are exploring ministries where their gifts may be used.
  • Pray about what God is calling them to give to the church financially.
  • Are considering going on a mission trip to serve others in God's name.

God is at work moving through us to empower other and pass on his story.

Servant Leaders are "all-in" with God, lead others to the light of God's love, and:

  • Have a daily quiet time with God.
  • Worship even when they are on vacation or out of town on business and pray for the churches they visit.
  • Regularly attend other services and volunteer at them.
  • Know and use their spiritual gifts.
  • Serve in a variety of ways both in the community and church.
  • Give cheerfully, because giving blesses God and themselves.

Hope Circle