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Hope Groups FAQ

Hope Groups FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hope Group?

Hope Groups (previously known as Life Groups) are small groups of 8-12 people who meet regularly offsite to pray together, connect in Christ-centered relationships, grow in their faith and serve the world around them.

What is Hope Groups Kickoff?

Hope Groups Kickoff is a four-week class specifically for people who are looking to join a Hope Group. If you’re not in a group, or maybe your existing group has gotten small and you’d like to add new people, please join us! Once the class is over, new Hope Groups will be encouraged to continue meeting together on their own.

Why should I join a Hope Group?

We were made to be in community with one another. The Christian life isn’t an individual journey. Instead, we need each other for spiritual growth and together we form the body of Christ. Hope Groups give us a place where these needs can be met.

How long do I have to commit to a Hope Group?

Every group is different. Some decide to meet indefinitely, others for a year, still others for less (like the length of one study). You’ll have an opportunity to discuss this with a new Hope Group at Hope Groups Kickoff. If you’re already in a Hope Group, we’d encourage you to have that conversation with your group members so everyone is on the same page.

I’m in a small group … how do I know if it’s a Hope Group?

If you’re already in a small group, whether you call it a Life Group, care group, small group, home group or whatever group, it can be a Hope Group! Hope Groups is the name we’re using to refer to all small groups of people at Hope who meet for connection, growth and service.

How do I join a Hope Group?

  1. Ask your friends, neighbors and those you are already in community with to join you in becoming an official Hope Group that meets regularly to pray, connect, grow and serve!
  2. Register and attend Hope Groups Kickoff, a class held three times per year at Hope.

If I want to add a specific person to my Hope Group, can they just show up or do they have to register and take the Hope Groups Kickoff class first?

If you have an existing Hope Group and want to add someone new, feel free to invite them. There’s no need for them to register through Hope in order to join your Hope Group.

What will we study?

Each Hope Group can decide what they study on their own. We have a library of resources available for groups to borrow from (email [email protected] for that list) and from time-to-time, we do all-church group studies that your group can join.

Where do Hope Groups meet?

Hope Groups typically start by meeting onsite at Hope for Hope Groups Kickoff, but once the class is over, groups are encouraged to continue meeting together on their own in homes, coffee shops, libraries, restaurants … wherever they want!

When do Hope Groups meet?

During Hope Groups Kickoff, groups will meet on Wednesday nights. After the class, each group can choose a day/time that works best for them!

Can our existing Hope Group meet online?

Absolutely. Each existing Hope Group gets to decide when and where they meet. The resources to take the study are flexible and can be used at any time. If you’re not in a Hope Group yet, you can take Hope Groups Kickoff, a four-week class for people looking to get into a Hope Group.