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Weekly Services

Weekly Services

Current Sermon Series: Book of Luke

This Weekend's Sermon:

Nov. 23 & 24
The More Things Change…

Hebrews 13:1-9

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5:00 pm:   Family Worship^+

8:00 am:   Celebration Service with Communion#
8:30 am:   Traditional Communion Service*#
9:15 am:   Celebration Service+
11:00 am: Celebration Service+
5:00 pm:   Celebration Service+

6:00 pm:   Celebration Service with Communion*#

7:00 pm:   REVIVE for young adults*

Free quality childcare at all services for age 3 & under
^ Includes a Children’s Sermon followed by HopeKids
+ HopeKids (Sunday School) offered for age 3-grade 5
* Meets in the Chapel (all other services in Worship Center)
# Communion offered weekly (all other services first week of month)


Upcoming Sermons

Nov. 23 & 24
The More Things Change…

Nov. 27 & 28 - Thanksgiving Services
Giving Thanks Where Thanks Is Due

12 Books in 12 Months

12 Books in 12 Months (Monthly Themes)

January - Book of Acts #RenewYear
February - First Letter to the Corinthians #LosingMyBadReligion
March - Gospel of Mark #MiracleMarch
April - Gospel of John #SingALong
May - Book of Proverbs #ScriptureAndAMovie
June - Book of Samuel #LifeLessonsFromKingDavid
July - Book of Esther #WhenGodSeemsAbsent
August - Book of Isaiah #TomorrowLand
September - Book of Jonah #WhaleOfATale
October - Gospel of Luke #StoriesOfUs
November - Book of Hebrews #SoulAnchor
December - Book of Revelation #WelcomeToTheNewAge