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Family Serving Opportunities

Family Serving Opportunities

Family Serving Opportunities

Ways to serve at Hope

Hospitality is important at Hope! We strive to welcome families starting with a smile in the parking lot to the moment they sit down in their seat. There are several easy ways for families to serve together on weekends, and we want to encourage you to sign up!

Sign up to serve!

Ushers are scheduled on a once-a-month rotation, arriving 45 minutes prior to service, and assist with handing out bulletins, seating people and taking offering. Kids of all ages can hand out bulletins with parents guiding them, and children in grade 2 and above can help with offering.

Greeters are scheduled on a once-a-month rotation, arriving 40 minutes prior to service. Greeters are tasked with warmly welcoming all who enter the church with a smile and “Welcome to Hope!” People of all ages who love to smile and welcome others can help greet!

Hope Ambassadors
Hope Ambassadors welcome all guests that arrive for worship, as well as help with answering questions and walking with new families to different locations and helping them feel at home. This is a great serving opportunity for children in grade 1 and above.

Hopemobile Drivers
Hopemobile drivers are responsible for driving the red “Hopemobiles” in the parking lot and picking up guests from their car and dropping them off at the front door. Parents can always use a child helper to spot those looking for rides.

Food Service

Food servers and drink servers are great ways to help for kids in grade 3 and above with their parents.