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High School (grades 9-12)

IgnitionLife in high school can be awesome… and draining. But no one has to do it alone! While our world is busy cramming teenagers into a carbon copy mold for life that has led to lots of frustration, loneliness, and emptiness, we have seen God at work, transforming the lives of teenagers from all kinds of backgrounds!

 Maybe you’re looking for support for some of life’s challenges, a safe space to explore some of your big questions, or some ways to make life work a little better. Perhaps you want to experience God for yourself, build meaningful friendships, dive a little deeper in faith, or even make a lasting impact on the world. Following Jesus is life-giving journey and we have your back.

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The LandingThe Landing

The Landing works alongside Hope’s Student Ministry team to provide a safe place for students in grades 7-12, meeting year-round, who are experiencing difficult times. It is a safe place where students can live a freer, healthier and more God-centered life! Through weekly small and large group discussions, we will explore biblical truths, talk freely about what’s happening in our lives, and bring to light current issues and challenges, encouraging one another to work through them in Christ-centered ways.

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