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Ignition is Hope’s ministry for grades 9-12.

Is Ignition a place for me?

No matter how shy, popular, busy, or religious you are (or are not!), high school can be tough to navigate these days. So we’ve designed Ignition to be a fun, weekly oasis for high school students to simply belong without pressure to “fit in,” ask any question without judgement, be inspired to live out their God-given purpose, and find new life in Jesus Christ! We love time with friends, soul moving music, and discovering how to make life better - all with Jesus at the center. Be prepared to leave each week encouraged and filled up for whatever life has ahead.

We have found there is a big difference between knowing God loves you and experiencing it for yourself. You’re invited to come and see for yourself. Tell your friends they’re invited too. It won’t be the same without you!

IMPORTANT: please review our Ignition FAQ and COVID Exposure Policy for additional information.

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What happens at Ignition?

  1. We get filled up by experiencing God together at the Ignition Gathering
    Wednesdays 8:30-9:15 pm, In person at Hope or online via
    This is a great place to start. Join students from all over central Iowa each week to connect with God and each other through music, prayer, fun activities, and a heart-felt message from the Bible that is tailored specifically to your experience in high school. Register here.
  2. We build meaningful friendships through Ignition Life Groups
    Wednesdays, In person outside or offsite or online via Zoom
    You are so not alone! Ignition doesn’t just happen and then it is over. Quality time with your Ignition friends (new or current) tends to be a favorite! Pick a time that works for your schedule to meet up, support one another, be real with one another, and explore faith together. You’ll have an adult group leader or two to guide and support the group along the way. Feeling shy? We get it! Take your time, but know you can belong without having to “fit in” on day one if you’re open to it! Besides, even for the shy ones and faith is always more fun with friends! Join a group.
  3. We put our faith into practice through Ignite My Life
    Released on the first Wednesday of each month
    Wondering if following Jesus would really change anything in your life? Try it and see what happens! Each month we release a series simple ways we will practice putting our faith into action by loving those around us. Each month’s practices are directly connected with Ignition’s teaching series for that month. This can be done with a group or as an individual, but either way, it is sure to start to change your world.
  4. We keep exploring through Ignition Workshops
    Sundays 4:00-5:00 pm at various times throughout the year - Online via Zoom
    Ready for a great refresher or a deeper dive into your faith? Meet up with some new friends (or bring some of yours along) for some laid back and thought-provoking conversations to spark spiritual growth in your life. We cover topics like “Life’s Biggest questions,” “Getting more out of God’s Word,” “Living out your calling,” as well as special Q&As on hot topics. You can see what conversations are scheduled on the Ignition events calendar.

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