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Student and Parent Expections

Parent and Student Expections

Student and Parent Expectations

Weekend Worship NotesEach PowerLife student is encouraged to attend weekend worship with their family (in addition to our time together on Wednesday nights). Worshiping as a family each week is essential to a student’s faith development. Also, our students are asked to complete 10 weekend worship notes per semester. These can be found at the Family Resource Center or online and can be turned in after each service. Students will also be given the opportunity to serve with their small group at least once per semester, while also learning and memorizing different scripture verses throughout the year. As always, students are encouraged to bring their friends to PowerLife anytime they want!

In addition to attending weekly worship with their students, parents are encouraged to meet the leaders of their student’s small group and keep in contact regarding upcoming events and sermon series. As students grow in their independence, parents are no longer required to escort their child in and out of the building during drop-off or pick-up times. Students can be dropped off and picked up at the doors. Please talk with your child about the plan that works best for your family.