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About Our Preschool Program

About our Program

About Our Preschool

Our Program

Our program promotes independent thinking, problem solving and self-confidence. Children spend their day in active learning - interacting with real things and caring people all around them.

Our Classrooms

We believe that play is a child's joyful "work", and we offer a variety of materials to stimulate the interests and abilities of the children. We plan both structured and unstructured activities for each day. Our centers of interest include themes such as writing, dramatic play, blocks, table toys and manipulatives, science and discovery, books and listening, and a creation station. Our materials are carefully chosen to promote exploration, which allows and encourages children to think creatively and independently.


You're Welcome Here!

Our parents are truly viewed as an integral part of our program and are encouraged to sign up to come during the first hour of the day and become our “extra set of hands”.  We also invite parents to come and read to the class, or help with special celebrations like our Halloween party.  We have a Family Event in November and a Christmas Program for the entire family, plus a fun graduation celebration for the pre-k and transitional kindergarten students in May.

Parent Communication

Each teacher provides a monthly newsletter, which describes the planned areas of interest throughout the month. They also send home  weekly "conversation starters" to stimulate a discussion of what your child has been doing. These questions give you some specific "clues" about songs, stories, and other exciting discoveries that have occurred during their busy week.

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